It all began with a blue door…profilepic3

Growing up, my father worked in the hospitality industry and we often found ourselves living in the five star hotels that he managed.


The hotel room in which we lived had a blue door at its entrance.  Stepping across that threshold brought me “home” – albeit in an unconventional sense of the word.


I had no backyard.  I had floor to ceiling windows in my room with a breathtaking view of downtown.  Room service and housekeeping visited daily…Perhaps not the typical childhood – but, nonetheless, one that gave me countless lessons in making others feel welcome.

These years of my childhood fostered a deep sense of hospitality in me – a trait that would later translate into a love of interior design.

For me, successful design goes beyond what is found in the pages of textbooks.  It is more of a feeling.  My design philosophy is rooted in this idea.  I believe a home should function well and look beautiful – all while reflecting the personality of its inhabitants.

Blue Door Decor has been my opportunity to help others accomplish this.  I love inspiring people and being inspired by them.  Most of all, I love helping people love where they live. This is the realization of my dream.  It is my great pleasure to share that dream with you in your space.


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